Upon Further Review: Vikings vs. Lions

“Obviously, I think the defense played very well. Ten sacks, team record, a lot of that had to do with coverage. I think our guys covered well on the back end.” — head coach Mike Zimmer on his defense


“We did it together, it wasn’t just me. It was the defensive line working together, staying in our rush lanes and just getting to that passer.” — Danielle Hunter on Vikings’ team-record 10 sacks


“Being coachable; like I always say, if I was coachable the way he is going into my early years, maybe things would be different. He’s very coachable, he takes what he learns in the classroom onto the field with him and does his job at a high level.” — Everson Griffen on Hunter


“The fault is on everybody. I have to get the ball out faster. When you get in the game situation like that, and you are down as many scores as we were late in the game, you are going to put your offensive line in a tough spot. We understand that, but we don’t want that. I can do my part better.” — Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford on being sacked 10 times


“I think the first play I was out there, and I had the little out and back in. Getting that first catch definitely helped. Obviously at first there were some jitters. It’s all new to me still, I have a lot to learn. I had a pretty fun day.” — wide receiver Chad Beebe on when it hit him he was making his NFL debut

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